Pay-as-you-go, anonymous GPT chat

All the features with no subscription.

Recharge with Bitcoin.

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No ads, tracking, email or credit card.

GPT 3.5 and 4.

DALL-E 2 and 3.

Import documents and web pages.

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Full featured private alternative to ChatGPT Plus. Chat with OpenAI GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models at full speed with no interruptions.

Features and Roadmap Start Chat


  • Multiple chats, streaming text, code formatting and all the expected functionalities.
  • Quick search through your chat history.
  • Share and import chats.
  • Duplicate chats to easily experiment with different paths.
  • Upload document and import Web Pages from URL.
  • Generate images from text.

Security and Privacy

  • Sign-in securely and anonymously with Public Key cryptography.
  • Pay with Bitcoin: anonymous and instant recharge with Lightning.
  • OpenAI does not train on your data (it does on ChatGPT). See their API privacy policy.


  • Talk to me: accept voice audio as input. Released November 2023!
  • DALL-E 3: request image generation. Released December 2023!
  • Upload and query your own documents. Released January 2024! .
  • Browser Add-on
  • Open Source LLMs

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